radio and voiceover

"The best reason to listen is Lorelei King, who makes every part she plays sound like vintage Hollywood." - The Observer
"...owner of the sexiest voice anywhere on the airwaves..." - Sunday Times
"The very best radio actress around..." - Sunday Independent
Lorelei has recorded well over 200 programs for BBC radio – these are some of the highlights.

radio credits

  • Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel Part: all the ladies | First Broadcast 1990
  • The Adventures of Superman Part: Lois Lane | First Broadcast 1990
  • The Conlang of Love Part: Rita | First Broadcast: 2014
  • Further Tales of the City Part: Prue / Bambi | First Broadcast 2014
  • The Custom of the Country Part: Mrs Heeny | First Broadcast 2010
  • Mostly Harmless Part: Gail Andrews | First Broadcast: 2005
  • Hill of Rains Part: Cathy | First Broadcast: 2004
  • The Night Listener Part: Darlie | First Broadcast: 2002
  • East of Eden Part: Cathy | First Broadcast 2000
  • The Gemini Apes Part: Gemini Ape | First Broadcast: 1998
  • Judge Dredd: The Day The Law Died Part: Judge Hershey | First Broadcast: 1995
  • The Amazing Spiderman Part: Betty Brant / Sue Storm | First Broadcast: 1995
  • Batman: Knightfall Part: Officer Montoya | First Broadcast: 1994
  • Superman on Trial Part: Lana Lang | First Broadcast: 1988


Lorelei's is a famliar voice in commercials, documentary narration, animation and video games.

voice directing

Lorelei is an experienced voice director, whose work includes the preschool animated series Chuggington as well as video games – most recently Gray Matter, Haunted, 15 Days and The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura.

In addition to narrating audiobooks, Lorelei directs and produces other audiobook narrators - most recently, Richard Gere reading Sadness, Love, Openness, Lin-Manuel Miranda reading his book G'Morning, G'Night, Dan Stevens reading Mitch Albom's The Timekeeper, and Robert Bathurst reading Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series.