A Necessary Evil

by Alex Kava

"Picture the most masterful ventriloquist you've ever seen. That's Lorelei King in her reading of this short murder thriller." - Audiofile Magazine

As a killing spree continues unabated, it becomes clear to Maggie O’Dell - the FBI profiler assigned to the case - that more than one perpetrator is responsible. As she begins to drill down into the facts, Maggie discovers a disturbing Internet role-playing game for youths who have been victims of male authority figures - including Catholic priests. With this first real lead in the investigation, Maggie wonders if this group has turned cyberspace justice into reality by dispensing their own brand of vengeance. Finally, she finds a second lead - one that leaves her stunned.

Lorelei says...

Lorelei says

Recorded this in Los Angeles - we had so much fun!

Lorelei King



Lorelei is a multi-award-winning narrator of audiobooks, recording the works of best-selling authors Janet Evanovich, Darynda Jones and Patricia Briggs, among others. She is one of the first inductees into the Audible Narrator Hall of Fame.

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